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Paper Swans

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- Why does everything have to have a reason?

- Because everything has.

( Vyte Garriga, "Paper swans")

Paper Swans is a one act absurdist play set in a closed park at night. A security guard on patrol finds a young woman in a ballet dress sitting on the bench making paper swans. He tries to question her and find out The reason behind her actions. That locks them in a continuous never ending loop of having to encounter each other again and again to find out the meaning behind those paper swans.

It is a piece drawing on the traditions of absurd theatre and Vyte's personal experience as a woman from a post-Soviet country (Lithuania) to explore the trauma of oppression, the price of freedom and self-discovery through visual symbolism.

"PAPER SWANS" WIP was a part of 'SPRINT' festival at Camden people's theatre in march 2022 and received astonishing reviews.



"PAPERS SWANS" is supported by ACE.



Director: Simon Gleave

Performers: Daniel Chrisostomou, Vyte Garriga

Composer and Musician: Olivier Van Den Hende

Set Designer: Valentina Turtur

Producer: Flabbergast Theatre

Playwright: Vyte Garriga

'Paper Swans' trailer

"A beautifully written and beautifully savage performance" - David Glass, David Glass Ensemble 


"It was so funny! Shocking, touching, playful and funny" - Ian Morgan, RADA 


"Such a rich, such a thought-provoking play. Vyte and Daniel were both so terrifyingly brilliant!" -  Nina Romančíková, NDT Broadgate 

“What an achievement- bringing Absurd Theatre into the 21st century with pain, violence and humour. Really impressive.” - Peta Lily, Performer/ Theatremaker


photo © michal drozd

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