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LEAVeS is a project by the association La FORTeRESse and the European initiative EU Collective Plays: a polyvocal experience that, in collaboration with La Fura dels Baus and the Épica Foundation, wishes to push scenic language and audience interaction to new limits while working on such current topics as Identity and Refugee’s Voices.

Anna Romano, director of the project, comes to the Épica Foundation to work on this play, Her objective is to collaborate with the invited artists to refine its production through a collective work: improving incipient ideas, thinking out of the box, finding new dynamics and, in short, breathing life into the project so that it jumps from paper to action thanks to the exchange of concepts and knowledge that will take place.

in 2018 Vyte, together with another 14 artists from all around the world, was invited to participate in the development of this project.

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