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'mustard' is a play by a Canadian playwright Kay Sandler. A twisted fairy tale about friendship, love, growing up, moving on and finding magic where you least expect it, this darkly comedic bedtime story blurs imagination with reality in order to save a family from its own destruction.

Vyte played Sadie- a single mother, who falls in love with her daughter's imaginary friend Mustard, in the UK premiere of 'Mustard'.


'what you will' is Little Lion Theatre's version of Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night' adapted by Kay Brattan. 

set in the 90s and using blind casting it blends live music, clown and Shakespeare's text. The set is made completely from found and recycled materials to give a traveling troupe feel by Valentina Turtur.

Vyte was cast as Antonio, which marked her first professional Shakespeare production.

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